Great Plains Youth & Family Services, Inc.


Program Details

  • 6 - 2 Hour Classes (12 total hours)
  • $30 per person per class
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Class completes court requirements for divorce with minor children
  • Classes are in group setting
  • Combination of video content, group discussion, and workbooks
  • Evidence-based curriculum from The Center for Divorce Education entitled "Children in Between"

Enrollment or Information

For more information or to enroll in classes, call Emma Shandor at 580-726-3383 or email

For More Information

For more information or to enroll in classes, call Emma Shandor at 580-726-3383 or complete the form below.​​

Topics Discussed

  • Children's reaction to divorce
  • Providing stability
  • Communication using "I" messages
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dangers of put downs
  • Financial issues
  • Quizzing about the other parent
  • Long-distance parenting
  • Events when both parents will be present

Co-Parenting Classes

Teaches parents the techniques necessary upon divorce to parent without causing children to feel torn between each parent.  The program covers common situations in which children are put in the middle of their parents' conflicts.  It makes parents aware of these situations and the effects of their behavior on children, and illustrates effective and ineffective methods parents use to deal with conflict.

Co-Parenting Classes